It’s time to really start planning your adventure! Get your schedules ready this is going to be one epic ADVENTURE!

Get to know the Site!

Main Paddock

Welcome to the Main Paddock! It’s the large, open-air field on the east side of Barnard Park. Here you’ll find the OOTW22 Main Stage. The Main Stage has something for everyone. Facing the Main Stage (South), you’ll have toilets to your left and the bar to your right. So much space, so much room to gallop!

Gecko Big Top

Roll up, roll up to the Gecko Big Top. During the day, the Gecko Big Top is a great place to find some shade. At night is when it comes to life! Watching the lights from Big Top Stage dance across the space you can’t help but feel those party vibes!

Little Bird

If in doubt, wander about! That’s how your land at Little Bird Stage. Little Bird Farm is nestled on the West side of Barnard Park. With an intimate, laneway vibe that will be playing great tunes through the day and into the night.


Between sets mosey on down to the Stockyard. Here you’ll find Tucker Town, where you can chill out and fuel up! The Stockyard is perfect to designate a meeting spot, for when you need to wrangle any of your lost herd.

Way Out West

Find where the ocean meets the trees and you’re Way Out West. Explore the art amongst the trees. Some you won’t miss, some will be hiding in plain sight. Don’t just head Way Out West once – this everchanging exhibition requires multiple visits.


You’ll have to be cunning like a fox to experience DecaDance at OOTW22. This isn’t your average bar – prepare for a surprising, secret soiree. First you’ll have to find the Life & Soul of the party.

The Peoples Village

Explore the People’s village where you, the people of OOTW take centre stage. Visit the church and sit in the throne, deliver a presidential speech, perform on stage or simply throw your mate in jail. You are the people and this is your village.